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Thank you to all of our supporters!

Grandfather Clocks ($500 to $999)

Michael and Marsha Shlaer

Beth Fanning

Jesse and Jessica Shuff

Richard Presnell

Paul Cote

Tracy Strickland

Jenifer and Jordan Hollett

The Anna Sosenko Trust

Wright and Sheri McLeod


Clock Towers ($1000 to $4999)

John and Dot Black

Jim Nord and Wayne Lord

Jim Jurgens and Jane Ellis

Peter and Karen Klacsmann

Garrett and Tara Wood

Lowell and Gloria Greenbaum

Bill and Panny Force

Pat Knox-Hudson

Bill Lawless

David and Melody Spalinger

Patricia Barrett

Brandon Paugh


Timepieces (under $100)

Bill and Maggie Chew

Tom and Nancy Sutherland

Barbara Coleman and Paul Brewer

Dinah Woodall

Craig and Lynn Smith

Joan and Charles Piercy

Anita Godwin

Julie DeGalleford

Cammie Jones

Michael and Lee Ash

Pam McCorkle

Shirley Hermitage

Vickie Cook

Rachel Carroll

Martha Burnip

John Zylla and Ruth Garrison

Mark Burgreen

Renee and Andrew Austin

Jessie Bass

Georgina Bolik

Virginia Bradshaw

Sam and Susan Nicholson

Robert Wright

Robert Fain

Louise Claussen

Matt and Lynn Beard

Esther Tan

Ashley Twiggs

Victoria Vujatovic

Katherine Kirbo

Thomas Saari

Barbara Gilmore

Kathleen Pierre

Ned Lathrop

Dora McManigle

Michelle Johnson

David-Aaron Roth

Tracey Phillips

Erin Dibling

Britt Cooper

Michael Langan

Zac and Heather Ogea

Paula Jackson Hertz

Jenny and Brice Wright

Allen Freeman

Patti Myers

Ed and Sharon Enoch

John and Sho Ane Seaton

Dorothy Peterson

Harriet Deas

Armando LeDuc

Jaime Miller

Ashlea Kelly

Martha C Lauf

Nikki Hayes

Dolly Morris

Tanya DeBraal

Steve and Cindy Hansen

Lisa Roberts

Dudley Guitton

Sherry Rivers

Indee Few

Lisa Dozier King

Dana Cheshire

Mantel Clocks ($100-$499)

Duncan and Susan Robertson

Lorraine Braswell

Penny Summer

Gerry and Mary Chambers

Valera Hudson and Mary Caddell

Mark Gustafson

Abbot and Laurie Easterlin

Joan and Sumner Fishbein

Steve and Betty Walpert

Sandra Fenstermacher

Martin and Harriet Dolin

Evan Read

Marion and Linda Wier

Kathleen Barnhart

Ted Newton

Paula Shuff

Marty and Lisa Matfess

Frank and Christine Anderson

Bon Ellis

Michelle Johnson

Bill and Nancy Karp

Tim Campbell

George Dempsey

Doug Joiner

Ross King

Russ West

Barbara McClary

Susan Brainerd

Fred and Carol Palmer

Danny Wright

Betty Dyches

R Glen and Christie Owen

Julia Key

Mary Schorsch and Les Bertrand

Laura Irwin

Timothy Young

Renee Austin

Jeannie Butler

Chip and Carol Lowe

Wren Moody

Tracy Strickland


By Credit Card


New York Musical Festival


321 Gloucester Rd

Martinez, GA 30907

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A Scythe of Time!

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Clock Makers ($5000 and above)

Brent and Goldei Limbaugh

Edward Overby

Michael Harley

Church of the Good Shepherd

Linda Scales

Avery Villines

Stacy Reynolds

Tony Emma

Julie Brackett

Donovan and CJ Reimche

Ashley Crane

Jack Evans

Monica and Paul Danier

Charles and Elizabeth Qualls

Rick and Sharron Martin

Austin Rhodes

Aubrey Moore

Sabrina Widner

Victoria Hammond

Joan and Charles Piercy

William House

Harold Moon

Josh and Anke Hart

Rod and Ashley Kight

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