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The Scythe Team

New York Creative Team


Alan Harris, Writer

Mark Alan Swanson, Composer/Lyricist

David Alpert, Director

Ryan Cantwell, Music Director

Lisa Dozier King, General Manager

Nick Solyom, Lighting Designer

David M Lawson, Sound Designer

Starlet Jacobs, Scenic Designer

Dan Scully, Projectionist

Marisa Levy, Stage Manager

Lindsay McWilliams, Costume Designer

Michael Cassara, Casting Director

Augusta, GA Production Committee

Nicole Swanson, Producer

Dr and Mrs Brent Limbaugh, Producers

Jane Ellis and Jim Jurgens, Associate Producers

John and Dot Black

Bill and Panny Force

Lowell and Gloria Greenbaum

Ruth Jatho

Suzanne Lljubo

Jim Nord

James and Paula Shuff

Rob Denis

Edward Overby

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